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15 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

What are the Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are small insects. Some bedbugs are small, oval, and brownish; others are big in size. Bugs are the insects who are live on the blood of humans or animals. Young bed bugs have flat bodies. However, when they get feed up, their bodies become swell and reddish in colour. Bugs can move quickly on walls, ceilings, and over floors. Female bed bugs lay down hundreds of eggs. These eggs are tiny in size. Immature bedbugs are known as nymphs, and they change their skin five times until they reached maturity. Mature bugs also require a meal of blood before removing their skin. Bugs get matured within a year.

They live in cupboards, under the mattress, luggage, clothing, couches where they can easily hide. Bugs usually come outside at night and bite on human bodies to collect their food. They fed up by sucking human or animal blood. When a bed bug took a bite on the human body initially, people felt pain and later on this pain converted into itching. They have flat bodies so that’s why they can adjust or hide their selves into small places. They usually live in groups.

Symptoms of Bed Bugs BitesSymptoms of Bed Bugs Bites

If we wake up with itchy skin, then we don’t have an idea that why this skin is itchy, you don’t have an idea what was happened when you went to sleep. You can only have an idea that it might be possible they are bed bugs. You can make it confirm by checking whether they are bed bugs or not. There are different signs of having bugs in your room.

  • Check your mattress, and if you have bed bugs in your bed, pillow or couch it means they bite you at night, that’s why you are facing itchy skin.
  • Bloodstains on your bed sheet or pillowcase.
  • When you find bed bugs eggs, egg shells or any skin part of bedbugs remaining in your pillowcase, mattress, couch
  • If you felt any bad odor from the bug

These all are the symptoms of having bed bugs in your home, and they are the cause of having a bite on your skin. This bite will cause infection. If you have a disease, then you have to remove pillowcases, check your side table books, mattress and make all of them dust-free.

We should wash curtains, pillowcases, mattress, and leave them to dry in sun heat. By doing this practice, you will get rid of bed bugs. When your mattress gets dry, then cover it with mattress cover tightly, make sure no bed bugs get into it. Clean your cupboards and use insect killer spray in cabinets, make sure all bed bugs are dead.

Where Bed Bugs Live?Where Bed Bugs Live

Bed bugs usually found in furniture, couch, pillowcases, cupboards, etc. They live by sucking human and animal blood when they have food and shelter to live they cannot die. Usually, bed bugs are roaches, and roaches live in cupboards or in the clean kitchen area. They feed by taking the bread and give eggs for reproduction. That’s why they can be live.

How to Kill Bed Bugs Fast Naturally at Home?

There are a lot of home remedies to get rid of from bed bugs, which are as follows,

1. Baking Soda for Bed Bugs

Baking soda is an excellent insect killer remedy at home. If we use sugar as a mixture with baking soda, then this mixture will be helpful to kill bed bugs effectively. First, you should have an idea where these bedbugs live. When you find where they live, then follow these instructions to kill them. For killing these bedbugs, we will use baking soda and sugar, mix them well in mixing bowl. Sprinkle this mixture of sugar and soda where you found roaches. When roaches eat this mixture, it will work as poison to them, and they will die.

2. Coffee for Killing Bed Bugs

Coffee is a perfect trap to kill roaches. Roaches like coffee so we can use coffee as a trap to kill them. By applying this remedy, we will get some coffee grounds and add water to mix them in a jar. When roaches look at the ground, they will attract coffee jar and then stuck into them. They like coffee too much, when they will take coffee they will forget about that jar lid is tightly covered. They will try to move outside the jar but unable to come outside. If they came out, they would live 30 to 40 minutes. If you want to kill them immediately, then add some oil or petroleum gel in the jar, when roaches try to jump outside they will be unable to drop due to slippery walls of the pot. By this way, bugs will kill immediately within the jar.

3. Boric Acid for Bed Bugs

Boric acid is a beneficial source to kill the roaches. It works as a poison to the cockroaches when it mixed with sugar. Boric acid is present in powder form. When we combine 3 portions of boric acid with one part of sugar and then sprinkle this mixture into that area where roaches usually come. When bugs take this mixture, they will be dead immediately.

Boric acid is a dangerous substance for humans and pet animals too. Keep away this mixture from your food and pet area that they should not take this mixture.

4. Citric Acid for Bed Bugs

Citric acid is an excellent source of killing roaches at home. It is usually founded in lemon, lemon strips, orange peels, and apple cider vinegar. Lemon is an excellent source of killing cockroaches. By using this remedy, we will take some lemon juice in a spray bottle and spray this juice at those places where roaches live mostly. We can also use apple cider vinegar in the bottle to spray. Citric acid has anti-pathogen substances which help to keep cockroaches away and also helps to kill the roaches.

If roaches are present in our clothes cupboard than we will add some lemon juice on a towel or cloth and put this in closet, due to the hard aroma of lemon juice all the roaches attract towards the sheet, and they’ll be dead by the citric aroma.

5. Cucumber Slices for Bed bugs

Cucumber slices are helpful to kill roaches. It seeds work as poison to them. Cut the cucumber into slices and put them at the places where cockroaches live. When insects take them, they will die.

6. Bay Leaves or Asian Aisle for Bed bugs

If you have bay leaves or Asian aisle, then you need to make them dry. When these leave gets dry, then crush them in a bowl and make a smooth powder. Then sprinkle this powder on the area where roaches usually live. This powder is beneficial to kill cockroaches.

7. Carpet Steamer for Bed Bugs

We can also use carpet steamer to kill bedbug’s eggs. Bed bugs usually produce eggs on the carpet, pillowcase, and in the corner of the room. We can execute these bed bugs by using carpet steamer. Carpet steamer has a lot of heat which helps us to kill roaches.

8. Garlic Powder for Bed Bugs

Bedbugs can also be removed by using natural spices at home. These can be an excellent insect and bedbugs killer and very readily available at home. We will use garlic powder, and dry bay leaves to kill them. Bay leaves, and garlic has an overpowering scent. We will use crush bay leaves to achieve our target. Boil bay leaves and garlic powder together and use this boil water to as spray to kill bugs. Onions and pepper may also be used to achieve this purpose.

9. Detergent for Bed Bugs

Detergents also have a strong scent. Bedbugs can easily attract that scent. This method is beneficial to kill the bug. We can use soap or powder detergent for this purpose too. We will use this remedy with a mixture of water. This mixture will also be used in a spray form so we will take it in a spray bottle and use this spray in those areas where bedbugs are available.

10. Kufuor Tablets for Bed Bugs

It is the most useful household item which is used in the home to kill cockroaches. This is the most traditional way to get rid of bedbugs. Cockroaches usually present in the cupboards and draw.  So we will put one tablet of Kufuor in the drawer or cabinet. Kufuor has an overpowering scent. Kufuor scent is not easily accepted, that’s why cockroaches will be unable to walk after smelling this, and they will die.

11. Baking Powder for Bed Bugs

Baking soda or baking powder is an excellent remedy to kill cockroaches and bedbugs at home. We will mix it with sugar and spread this mixture to the places where bugs usually exist. Sugar is a favorite thing of insects, bugs will immediately attract towards the sugar, and by consuming sugar, they will take soda with it. Baking powder will cause the death of the bugs.

12. Bleaching Agents for Bed Bugs

Bleach is also an excellent remedy to kill cockroaches and bugs at home. We can also use bleaching agents to kill such cockroaches. Use pure bleach in a spray bottle and spray all the areas where the presence of cockroaches available. Bleach is a deadly weapon for cockroaches. They will die straight away when they smell in the existence of bleach.

13. Silica Gel for Bed Bugs

Silica gel is also a good source for killing cockroaches. It is a poison which usually contains in silica bags. Every shoe company use is in a shoebox to secure its products from bedbugs. But unfortunately, silica gel is not widely available in near home stores. We can buy small silica gel bags from the market. We can put this bag in our draw, cupboard, under pillowcase to get rid of the cockroaches. Cockroaches will die when they take this silica gel.

14. Natural, Organic Oil for Bed Bugs

Some natural oils are also useful to get rid of from cockroaches. These oils can be generated from herbs as well. Mint oil is an excellent source to kill the cockroaches. We can get this oil at a very cheap rate. Mint oil also helps us to repel bugs from the house. Use mint oil in a spray bottle and spray this oil at all the places where roaches exist. Then leave it overnight and wash those places the next day. Bugs will get away by using this remedy.

15. Cedar Balls for Bed Bugs

Cedar balls are the natural deterrent of killing the roaches. Put the cedar ball into the areas where bugs exist. It also has a strong scent which will help us to get rid of cockroaches. Usually, cedar ball will place in the kitchen or sanitary area because of most of the bugs and roaches available in these areas.

Best Bed Bugs Killers

There are a lot of bed bug’s sprays, powder, gel bait, insect traps, etc. are available in the market. But every product is not right in quality. Some of them are just for the wastage of money because they are not as effective as it could be. Here, I am discussing some famous bed bugs killers with you, which are as follows,

  • Combat Max Roach Killing Bait in 12-months
  • Invicta Gold Gel
  • Raid Ant and Roach Killer Insecticide Spray
  • Advion Gel Bait
  • Black Flag Roach
  • Motel Insect Spray
  • Perimeter Spray
  • Ortho Home Defence Insect Killer
  • Vendetta Roach Killer
  • Harris Roach Killer
  • Effective Roach Killer Spray
  • Home Defence Roach Killer Spray
  • Motrin Roach Killer Spray, Coil, Powder
  • Roach Killer Tablets
  • Triaziside Roach Killer Spray

These all the most beneficial and useful products which are available commercially. Before using these chemical containing products we should follow some precautions regarding this, which are as follows,

Precautionary Measures

Before using this chemical product, we should use some precautions because these products are dangerous for us too.

Read Manufacturer Instructions

Before using any product regarding insect-killing, check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Use these products according to the manufacturer’s point of view so that you get your desired outcomes. Some people don’t read instructions carefully; that’s why they fail to get the desired results.

Place the Roach Killer at its Right Place

Place the roach killer tablets and spray them at their proper home. By doing this, we will get the desired outcome and kill more and more bedbugs. These bedbugs are harmful to health; that’s why they should not be alive. The best place for putting the roach killers is at cupboards, draws, pillowcases, and sanitary areas.

Keep that Area Clean

Keep that area clean where you put roaches spray or powder. If there is the water of any liquid substance available, then the roach killer will be lost its effect, and we will not get the desired result.

Caution: Do not use the Spray when you have Asthma

When you have asthma or any allergy regarding any spray. Then do not use roaches spray because they contain a strong scent, and it will cause serious illness to you. So when you are having such an issue use insect killer powder or tablets instead of roaches spray.

Select the Best Product

As we know that there are a lot of products available in the market. It doesn’t mean that every product is excellent and genuine. Marketers have the only concern to get profit. So it’s our responsibility to visit the market and choose the best option which will cost-saving and useful as well. If we use the right product, then we will get the desired result too. If you have a big house, then choose spray to kill bad bugs, and if you have a small house, you can use cockroach killer gel.

Leave Bait Station for One Week

If you are using a bait trap to kill bugs than you have to leave bait station or trap for one week. Bugs usually hide in dark and quiet places. They came out of there when they need to prey. So leave this trap for one week by doing this strategy, we can kill more bugs. Keep checking that bait or trap daily, so that’s why you will see the results, how much you are successful in adopting this strategy.


Bad bugs are hazardous for health. When bedbugs bite us, its bite leaves infections to our body. Sometimes these infections cause serious illness. So we should have to kill them on time. In this article, we studied a lot of home remedies to kill bed bugs by using home techniques. We also concluded that there are a lot of bedbugs sprays, baits, traps, tablets available commercially. Home remedies are most useful to kill bugs because these remedies have no side effects. People use different kinds of products as they don’t have time to use home remedies. Always try to use home remedies as a priority.  We also concluded that we should follow some precautions while having market base bedbugs sprays or tablets. People who are facing asthma or allergies should avoid using roach sprays as this will lead them to serious injury.

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