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7 Natural Homemade Remedies for Long and Beautiful Eyelashes Growth

Nature takes birth when we open our eyes, and it dies with a closure of your eye. Eyes have their own vocabulary and expression. All the beauties of life can be witnessed by good eyes. Eyes are the most attractive part of our face. Eyelashes make them more beautiful and elegant.

Most of the people love charming eyes. Poetry and literature of the world have an ample place for this subject. Many beautiful peoples are loved because of their eyes. Most attractive women and men possess beautiful eye colors and shapes.

Eye contact with a person may indulge you in love at first sight. Eyes confess all our secrets. All these literary things are to explain the importance of eyes. Many poets and writers have spent their lives to describe this beautiful organ.

Being this attractive eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organ in the human body. Eyelids and eyelashes protect the beauty of the eyes. All dust and environmental particles first hid these two areas of our eyes. So eyelids and eyelashes are more prone to damages.

Eyelashes are small hairs grown on the lower ends of eyelids. Poor hygiene habits and mishandling can cause damage to them; some medical conditions are more or less risky elements in eyelash damage.

Many factors contribute to thinning eyelashes including age, food, beauty products, and neurological disorders. A few medical conditions and hormonal imbalance play their part as well. Some chronic diseases like cancer when treated may contribute to hair fall and may damage the eyelashes as well. Protect your eyelashes from looking more beautiful and attractive.

What are the primary reasons for falling out eyelashes?

Few common ailments and disorders are mentioned below to aware of your hair fall. Have a quick look! And seek out the symptoms you have, but you never knew about them.

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Allergies Related to Eyelashes Growth

Here we will have a look at the factors that contribute to eyelash damage and their further manipulations in the beauty of a person. Poor living patterns and mishandling oneself may lead to problems related to hair damage and the beauty of a person. Let us have a look at all these agents of disaster. An aging lady is looking back to her youthful years and imagining the beauty she pertained in the past. All these things can be reestablished by just paying a little attention to one’s own health.

We are going to discuss a few potential reasons for those damage eyelashes. A few are controllable factors and few non-controllable. We can mend our ways to counter controllable agents. All given things are to induce an understanding. All these disorders are hurdles in your beautiful looks. Evade them as soon as possible. Initiate some healthy activities in your life.

Age Factor

Time never stops for anyone. Old age is the result of youth. All of us want to look younger, but age is a factor that is time-dependent. Survey results show that women age 35-60 years have damaged eyelashes. And out of 1193; more than 550 women have the symptoms of eyelash damages. The stats are evident that almost 44% of women when getting older lose their eyelashes continuously.

Dry skin and inability to retain skin moisture are leading causes for thinning of eyelashes. Hormonal imbalances in this age group are other leading factors for hair loss. Many medical conditions and prolonged ailments and their treatments expose them to hair loss.

Busy work routines and family-related duties make this age group careless about their health. Fulfillment of their duties being elders and parents; less time is managed by them to take care of themselves. Improper foods and lack of care make them age faster than ever. Wrinkles and freckles are common stigmas visible on their faces. Stereotypes are devised that a person of this age group is old enough to be ignored.


Periods in women of all ages may imbalance the hormones. Irregularity in the menstrual process may lead to severe skin and body ailments. This disturbed natural process leads to hair fall as well.

Hormonal Imbalance

All human activities base on certain fuels inside our bodies named hormones. They play a vital role in proper working of organs, and their deficiencies can affect our body adversely. The thyroid gland is responsible for hormonal balance and under, and overreaction of this gland leads to hair fall. Estrogen and testosterone hormones carrying the duty of sex-oriented bifurcations can help produce hair luster.

Cortisol is a hormone that is a growth hormone, and its deficiency can occur, and in response, hair loss occurs. DHEA, progesterone makes you tear. More watery eyes bring alien compounds with them they may help in depleting eyelashes. On the other hand, if proper moisture is absent, it can dry our eyes and can damage them both internally and externally.

Hormonal imbalance can disturb insulin and glucose production, and the result is the same as that of other hormonal disorders.

Rough Handling  

To wash off makeup from your face and to scrub your face early morning may cause damage to your eyelashes. Make-ups are made up of sticky components, and fats are mixed along with chemicals, and there are chances of allergies related to eyes. These allergies can damage eyelashes, as well. Soft swabs and better quality make up remover should be used to restrict hair depletion. Make-ups older than six months should be disposed of off to avoid skin complications.

Stress-related diseases like trichotillomania is a state in which a patient has an overwhelming urge to pull out hairs. This can reduce hairs from eyelashes and other body parts as well. Stress bearing capabilities are lacking in our societies.

Allergic Conditions With Eyelashes Growth

Allergic Conditions With Eyelashes Growth

Allergic conditions dull eyelashes and lessen hair mass in eyelashes.

Eyelid Dermatitis

Eyelid dermatitis is an allergy type that can cause itching, redness, scaly skin and swelling of eyelids. Yearly allergies are more or less occurring with seasonal changes. Pollen allergies are yearly allergies.


Blepharitis is a condition in which abnormal growth of eyelashes occurs. Chronic ailments can be bacterial infections, eyelash mites, and lice. This can result in allergic disorders and clogged oil glands that will dry the hair roots.

A stye is a swelling on the inner lining of the eyelid. This develops into a pimple and causes immense pain and itching. This bacterial infection makes the patient rub the eye time and again, and swelling makes hair weak. Eyelashes mass decreases due to this allergic condition.

Makeup Negligence

Everybody wants to look pretty, and for this sake, women of all ages use makeup and pay a high cost for these beautifying tools. Few things are ignored by many of us, and they increase our anxieties. Soiled beddings and long used towels have bacteria in them their usage can make you suffer skin infections. Make-ups due to their chemical composition and sharing with friends can develop skin disorders in you.

All type of tester and used makeup kits lead to serious skin-related issues, and their development can make your eyelashes shed. People were used to with makeup don’t avoid makeups when having particular derma tic ailments. This negligence can cause serious disorders.


Stress is one of the most expanding phenomena today. Economic challenges and stressed workloads make many of us anxious.  Stress bearing person can be a patient of many ailments, and they can be neurological and physical. Stress can cause hormonal imbalance in your body, Trichotomania is a stress-related disease which can make one pluck his hairs. Red and swelled eyelid and itching are other cons that come with this ailment.

Continuous rubbing and swelling of eyelids decrease hair volume. Eyelashes grow slow and weaker and are more prone to further damage.

Medical Conditions

Deteriorated environment and stressed routines have made us money machines. We have less time to care about ourselves. This is why hospitals are full of patients and numbers are increasing day by day. Hyperactive personnel in organizations are making money, and in return, their tensions are made part of his life.


It is an ailment that makes your eyes burn. Hair loss on scalp and palpitations are common symptoms. This medical condition can make you lose your eyelashes. Swelling and itching swell eyelids. The scoreline is damaged eyelashes.


This illness can damage hairs on all body parts. A person may suffer baldness. This is a common coath in both birds and animals of all kinds.


This dysfunction is of an important gland in our body. The pituitary gland controls maturation and growth of us humans. When it is dysfunctional, then there is no, or slower growth of hairs occurs. The dysfunction of pituitary glands is a serious issue for hair problems. Workout and morning walks are aiding agents for proper functions of the gland.


Cancer is an abnormal production of clogging and tumors in human bodies. Chemotherapy is a way to treat cancer. Powerful medicines are injected into the patient’s body and these medicines damage the growth of cells, including hair roots. The effects of chemotherapies are mostly non-permanent, but one may lose his/her hair permanently. A cancer patient before chemotherapy must consult the doctor for a proper solution. There are no proper suggestions though yet a few treatments may help you a lot. A person having such serious should consult his doctor for advice.


Most of us eat junk foods, and they are not protein-rich. Lack of food consumption as our food and absenteeism of green vegetables make us protein deficient. Over-washing our hair decreases hair volume because whenever we wash our hairs, a few hairs are lost. To wash one’s hair once in a day is a healthy habit.

Poor sleeping habits and oily skin can cause infections. To counter these infections, we should adopt proper hygiene. Most of the disorders in our body are due to our own negligence. We have very little to concentrate on ourselves. We have developed an understanding of hair shedding disorders.

Is there any solution to my problems?

This is a basic question that arises in our mind after facing any such situation. Yes! There are many appropriate solutions to your problems. Let us have a look at homemade solutions to your problems.


7 Homemade Remedies for Eyelashes Growth

We have a few good solutions to protect eyelashes. These homemade remedies can help you a lot to counter your problem. Dryness and dust-related allergies are normal things we face. Eyes are more exposed to all weather conditions for a lifetime. In such conditions, eyes need extra care too. Rather than going to an eye specialist, it is much better to have precautionary measures. These tips will help you look more beautiful because they will nourish your eye pores, and make your eyelashes grow more prominently.

Castor Oil for Eyelashes Growth

Castor Oil for Eyelashes Growth

It is extracted from castor tree beans and is categorized as vegetable oil. It has nourishing qualities in it. This oral laxative is available in two varieties one is transparent, and the other one is dark brown. Cold-pressed Castor oil is clean while black castor oil is brown in colour.


First of all, it is most necessary for a user to make sure that the product he is purchasing is pure castor oil. Many a product has castor oil mixed in it avoid them because they can develop sensitivity. Clean your eyelashes with Luke warm water or makeup remover, take your mascara wand and after cleaning it dip it into cater oil and apply it on upper ends of eyelashes.

Beware of eye contact because this may cause irritation. Wash your eyes when you wake up.

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes Growth

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes Growth

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and proteins. They nourish and hydrate hair roots. 100% pure coconut oil softens your eyelids and removes dryness by hydrating it properly. Coconut oil makes your eyelashes glossier.


After washing your eyelashes, soak an air bud in coconut oil or use your mascara liner. Put some oil on the top of your eyelashes.

Balanced Diet for Eyelashes Growth

Vitamin A, B, C, and E are good vistas for hair growth. Food like meat and green veggies are a rich source of vitamins. Copper and iron-rich foods must be made part of diet plans. Salt and zinc content of food should be involved in your daily food. All types of essential vitamins recommended by a nutritionist should be taken by us.

All type of fruits grains and cereals helps one get rid of hair-related ailments. The deficiency of vitamin E is considered essential for hair growth.

Green Tea for Eyelashes Growth

Green Tea for Eyelashes Growth

Green tea detoxifies our body. Soak some green tea in water for a few minutes and put that water on your eyelashes. Flavonoids in green tea strengthen celery glands. This makes our hair roots nourished.


Put a tea bag containing green tea in water for twenty minutes. Place that tea bag on your eyelids.

Massage for Eyelashes GrowthMassage for Eyelashes Growth

The massage stimulates blood circulation in eyelids. Massage your eyes with gentle hands twice in a week. Castor or coconut oil can be poured on eyelids for nourishments.

How to Grow Eyelashes with Vaseline Jelly?

How to Grow Eyelashes with Vaseline Jelly

Petroleum jellies available in the market are the best conditioners. They nourish eyelashes and make them healthier and soft.


Apply with mascara wand gently on eyelashes.

All these plausible homemade remedies are prescribed for health awareness. Complicated hair fall conditions must be discussed with a doctor. Recommended solutions by your beautician may help you fix the problem.


Eyelashes are sensitive hair roots in our eyelids. Skin infections and carelessness damage them. Age factors and serious illness make the conditions even worst. We have examined a few disorders of hair loss in eyelashes and have discussed the prominent reasons for these ailments.

We have provided you with the most appropriate solutions. These homemade remedies will help you protect yourself from complications. Proper use of makeups and quality cosmetics can help you protect yourself from skin ailments. All-natural means suggested above are advantageous and easy to use. Protect your eyes and eyelashes for more beautiful and enticing looks.


Beauty tips are advised to help you prevent beauty-related ailments. Day by day, increasing consumerism has produced a variety of products in the market. This increase in variety has deteriorated the quality of products available in markets. Resembling names and designs are an issue in selecting a good product from a consumer market. Continuous production of cosmetics and the evolution of the fashion industry have made us follow the trends blindly.

Due to the incautious use of makeup products and nourishing creams have increased the skin-related disorders. Surprisingly acne-prone people are not paying due attention to these issues. They are using cosmetics when having a skin infection.

This has hyped many skin sensitivities and serious disorders like skin cancer. All types of chemical products more or less spirit of acne ailments. Homemade and natural remedies have little or no harm on the other hand. The rise in global temperature and rupture of the ozone layer has made it possible for ultraviolet rays to make their way on earth easier.

In all these circumstances, one has one’s utmost duty to protect oneself from skin-related issues because they can propagate in serious health issues. What are the necessary measures in this context? This all depends upon you because you are a victim in the end.

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