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DIY Home Remedies for Clogged Drain Sink

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The clogged sink drain is a fact of every home. As you know the sink is a need of everyone’s home and your kitchen is incomplete without it. It is an embarrassing moment for you when your kitchen sink has occasional clogs.

Sometimes grease is a problem in the kitchen sink as it attracts debris and particles of food which causes obstruction.

You should not need to be a worry at all, there are some home remedies which are effective and easy to do and you can easily fix your problem by using these home remedies. You will have not need to call any plumber for your kitchen sink clogged.


Causes of Clogged Drain Kitchen Sink

The biggest problem of kitchen sink clogged is that actually, people do not know that what they are throwing into the drain. In fact, they throw all things from the shell of eggs to kitchen oil.

Many people save grease in large amounts in the mason jars and they do not think twice about leaving those jars by the sunk drain.

The perspective of many people is that they think that it’s more appropriate to clean their hair in the sink of the kitchen.

The clogged drain kitchen sink occurs when oil cakes waste through drain pipe walls.

As you know a kitchen is a place where we made our meal for eating and the sink is also present there. When we made all things over there, we throw the particles of our product into the sink.  In this way, we do jam our dustbin or the wall of the sink. Furthermore, when we waste our oily things or products, these things make a clog in the sink’s drain. You should usually waste oily and grease with hot water because this process is easy to waste such type of things.

Do people think that why their kitchen sink keeps getting clogged? 

Soap scum, cooking grease, Oil, and undissolved food elements are the most common reason for clogging in the sink drain. If you do not wither observing while disposal or you are not doing your disposal carefully, these things can create issues in your sink drain as the food particles or grease are changed into a gluey mess. If you are checking proper disposal and you have the same issues related to clogged, you need to call a plumber to resolve this issue.

Home Remedies for Clogged Sink Drain

DIY Home Remedies for Clogged Sink Drain

There are many home remedies in which you can easily fix your problems without any trouble. These home remedies are easy to do and take less time. If you implement these remedies, you have not to need to call any plumber at your home.

Hot Water

There are multiple benefits of hot water, it can be your friend when it comes to blocking removal. Hot water is the most effective home remedies for clogged drains because you have easy access to it and it is easy to do.

One warning: if you home contain PVD pipelines, you do not use this home remedy.

Just simply boil the water on the burner and put directly into the drains carefully, and make sure that avoiding connection from the pottery of sink. So, the hot water is a more useful and effective home remedy for unclogging a sink and melting oil buildup. You should repeat this home remedy after two or three days a week.

Some people asked why our sink gurgle in the kitchen?

The main reason behind the sink gurgle is clogging.  The dirty and grease can buildup in the sink of the kitchen between another type of wreckage. In this result, the air is trapped and water moving slowly in the drain. A gurgling noise is heard when the bubbles of air try to force by the obstruction using the smartest escape.


The plunger is the best home remedy for unclogging the sink drains as well as it is a need of every home. Flanged toilet plunger is used for a toilet. A big plunger can create more pressure than small, but the sink plunger can small or large. It is a magic home remedy for unclogged sink drains, if you use it once, you will see its benefits.

Without a plunger, your kitchen is incomplete. You just get the plunger and get in use fast and with sharp plunging motions. The plug can be easily finished when you use plunger fast and furiously. This process takes I think so just a few minutes in removing the clog.

Hand Drain Snake

It is the best home remedy in which you can unclog sink drain easily that may be trapped further down the drain. Most of the people keep hand drain snake for the unclogged sink drain. Hand drain snakes tools work in the drain as snake steel wire. The use of a hand drain snake is when it touches an obstruction to remove the scrap, the snake is then twisted. This process takes a little bit more work but it can easily dislodge the clogged.


It is the best home remedy that may be necessary to unclog your kitchen sink drain. The p-trap is present at the curl of the waste pipe below the sink that is mostly under a cupboard. You should put a pan to get access to any debris and water under the drain that might fall out. Release the p-trap by the waste drain and remove everything that is fixed. After that pass the warm water in it.

Baking Soda

For the removal of a clog, there are three mixtures you may try it.

The mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar

As everyone knows that the mixture of baking soda and vinegar makes a great cliff while other people do not know that this mixture is also effective for clog remover. You just put the mixture of washing soda and vinegar down the drain and leave for overnight and flush it out with warm water in next day morning.

Baking Soda is also very effective for Killing Bed Bugs in your house.

The mixture of Baking Soda and Salt

Mix the one part of salt with on part of baking soda and four-part of hot water. Put this mixture down the drains, leftover for a night, and the next morning flush it out with warm water. You will see your clog has been removed.

Washing Soda

Detergents contain sodium carbonate which can be taken from the grocery store.  Make the mixture of one part of hot water as well as washing soda and put it in to drain. Same as it is like previous, left it for the whole night and next morning flush it with hot water.


Either you are a soda drinker or not, you have to need a soda for unclogged the sink drains. If you put soda into the sink drains, within a few hours you will see a massive change in drains. It is more superior to chemical because the chemical can damage the pipes as well as harms your skin also but on the other hand, soda has not such types of properties.

The washing soda and baking soda are most effective for the removal of grease. Both are the best cleaner and have much value than others. You can use it for unclogged the sink drains as well as preventing the smelly fridge. Baking soda is the first priority if your drain is little smelly and has clogged.

Regular Maintenance

If you maintain your sink drain regularly, you will not face any problem. Maintenance of everything is more essential to prevent any difficulties.

Market Product

Market Product For Clogged Drain Sink

Recently studies have proved that the Drano max gel clog remover is the best product to remove the clogged drain. When people face problems regarding clog sink drain, Drano is the famous product that comes in everyone’s mind and it is the first preference of people. The professional strength showed to be the best way to manage the majority of drains. This product takes just a few minutes to remove the clogged.

How can we prevent clogged kitchen sink drain for a long time? 

The clogged sink drains is occurred by two factors which are grease and garbage. There are few rules if you follow it, you will be easily avoided clogged. The first rule is that avoid the clogs; do not use garbage disposer as a waste can. When you and your family throw a large amount of waste food into garbage disposers, soon you will have sink clog. Moreover, if you dispose of such type of material like a banana peel and pasta and fibrous items, it will also create troubles into the sink drains.

The second rule is that you never discharge the grease through drain either you waste it with warm water or not, it will be not helpful for you.  Furthermore, in this way the grease will set into the sink drains as well as it becomes more difficult to remove.  One more thing, you may throw the big waste material into the garbage can while using the disposer for the small material.

When to Call Plumber?

The homeowner cannot find out what the right causes behind the clogged drains. But as you know that it is a work of plumber who daily deals with such type of work. A plumber is professional and has much experience in his field than others.  Therefore, a plumber can quickly resolve the problem without any hurdle and whatever the problem is. Moreover, if your sink has complicated issues, you need the attention of an expert. On the other hand, if you have a simple problem with your sink and you are dealing without any experience, it can be more complicated for you.

Most of the People Fluently ask this question that how we can avoid having clogged kitchen sink drains?

I tell you how you can avoid this hurdle, there are some tips if you implement on it, you will be saved.

    • Avoid throwing bones, grease oil, peels of potato, pits or seeds, banana peels, and eggshells down the drain.
    • To improve the blades, put ice cubes into trash disposal.
    • When the disposal is on, pass the cold water.
    • Put the peels of lemon into disposal for fresh sent.

As a consequence, sink clogged drain problems arise when you throw unnecessary things such as bones, grease oil, peels of potato, pits or seeds, banana peels, and eggshells in the down drain. Furthermore, if you have a problem with the clogged kitchen sink drain, you should not worry about it. There are many home remedies in which you can solve this problem such as hot water, baking soda, plunger, and hand snake drain. All the DIY home remedies are great for enjoying the challenges as well as saving money.

However, these home remedies are better left for experts. All home remedies are easy to do and give a quick response. If you are feeling that your kitchen sink drain problem is not solved by these home remedies, you should call plumbers because they are experts in to solve these types of problems.




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