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DIY Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

What is Toothache?

Toothache is a pain in and around the teeth as well as jaws. Generally, pain in teeth sign that something is going wrong in your gums and teeth. Sometimes toothache indicates that there is a problem in your body too. You should never ignore the pain of teeth. If you leave toothache untreated, then it can get worse. Everybody knows that toothache is not life threating, but it can be signs of serious conditions in some cases.

Cancer of lungs and heart diseases can cause toothache. Sometime the toothache may be an alarming indication of a heart attack.

What are the Causes of Toothache?

Toothache occur when something happened in your teeth and jaws. There are some causes related to toothache such as,

    • Mouth or jaw injury
    • Tooth decay
    • Food or other debris wedged in your teeth
    • Sinus infection
    • Infected tooth
    • Temporomandibular joint disorders
    • Losing a filling
    • Wisdom teeth crowning
    • Gum disease and Grinding

Observe your toothache maximum one day. If you feel irritation in your mouth, you may go to the dentist. If you are in a pickle or facing such type of conditions, you may consult immediately with your doctor;

    • Foul-tasting discharge, or pus
    • You have pain when you bite
    • Swelling
    • You have a fever and headache
    • When you have difficulties during breathing

Before having to visit a dentist, there are some home remedies, can provide relief about the toothache.

Don’t be afraid. You can prevent your toothache by following good oral hygiene practices. The oral hygiene practices consist of brush your teeth regularly or twice in a day with a fluoride having toothpaste, washing once with antiseptic mouthwash in a day and consult with your dentist twice a year for cleaning teeth.

You can get rid of your toothache at night by using these methods, it is a piece of cake for everyone and you may take good sleep;

    • Avoid eating acidic, cold, or hard foods right before bed.
    • Keep your head elevated.
    • Use over-the-counter pain medication, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), acetaminophen (Tylenol)
    • Wash your teeth with mouthwash
    • Use an ice pack before bed

How you can stop your toothache at night without seeing a dentist?

Why not? You can stop your toothache at night without seeing any dentist by using following home remedies.

Best Home Remedies which are easy as a Pie for all

DIY Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

If you feel pain in your teeth, you can use these home remedies forget some relief from it.

Wash with Salt Water 

Most people use this method because it is the first-line treatment. Saltwater is natural antiseptics and it can support you to loosen little food particles from your teeth that may stack in between your teeth. If you use saltwater in your treatment of toothache, it can use decrease the inflammation and heal the wounds.

Method of making saltwater, mix the one and a half (1/2) teaspoon of salt in a warm water glass and use it as a rinse.

Cold Compress

If you feel that you have pain and swelling around your teeth, put a pack of ice on your cheeks.

When you implement this method, it causes the blood in the pot to contract. A cold compress may give you relief from pain. The meaning of swelling is that you have inflammation, a sac of pus in the origin of your teeth. Be aware, This can cause infection in your teeth as well as in jaws. Red gums and fever are signs of it.

A simple way of making put ice into the towel wrapped bag and hold it on the affected spot for 15 to 20 minutes. You can repeat this process after a few hours.

Hydrogen Peroxide Risen

A hydrogen peroxide risen may also support to release inflammation and pain. Furthermore, it kills the bacteria, as well as Hydrogen peroxide, rose to heal the bleeding gums and decrease plaque.

Ensure you’re accurately Dilute the hydrogen peroxide. Mix the 3 percent of hydrogen peroxides as equal to the water and use it as a rinse.

Garlic for Toothache

Garlic has been recognized and used for its medical properties for thousands of years. It kills the harmful bacteria that cause dental plaque. However, it acts as a pain reliever too.

Crush the garlic pieces to make a paste and implement them on affected areas. It is up to you, you can add salt in little amount. Consecutively, you can chew the clove of fresh garlic.

OTC Pain Killers for Toothache

If your children have a toothache, acetaminophen medicine is suggested by dentists for children. For teenagers, take your choice of over the counter medicine such as ibuprofen. If you take medicine aspirin, you bite it.

do not put it directly on the affected spot or your gums.

Tea of Peppermint for Toothache

Peppermint has excellent properties that can calm or relax the pain of teeth. The menthol is known as an antibacterial because it gives peppermint its flavor of mint and smell.

Making process of peppermint is that you put one spoon of dried peppermint leaves into the warm water and wait 20 minutes. When it cool, it can be implemented in the mouth then swallowed. A little bit of hot, wet tea bag can be used besides the tooth a few times till the pain does not decrease.

If you want to get a temporary remedy, put a few drops of peppermint oil on the piece of cotton that can be placed against the affected area.

Aloe Vera for Toothache

Aloe Vera gel which originates in the leaves of the juicy plant and it has been used to minor cut as well as heal injuries for a long time. Many people use it now for soothe and clean gums. According to studies, Aloe Vera has contained not only natural antibacterial qualities but also can finish germs that cause toothache. The gel should be useful to the painful spot of the around the teeth and softly rubbed.

Spirits for Toothache

It is also a way in which you can treat your toothache. Actually, do not worry we are not suggesting that you take any alcohol for this purpose. You will be surprised to know that spirits are antibacterial which works against the unwanted microorganisms. Just simply dip the cotton into the spirit and put on your affected areas. After some time your pain will be finished.

Cloves for Toothache

Last but not least

Antibacterial and anti-inflammation are the properties of cloves that can support fight against gum infections and toothache.

Cloves are a spice native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. They have Eugenol which is a compound of chemical that acts as a natural anesthetic.

You can put clove oil on the small ball of cotton and apply it into affected spots through the painful tooth. For the treatment of toothache, the dried whole cloves can be used. Chew the whole clove softly for more than 25 minutes to delivers its oil and hold it in the spot beside the affected tooth.

There are many other natural home remedies that you can do it at your home easily.

Guava Leaves for Toothache

The leaves of guava have anti-inflammatory properties that can be essential for healing the wounds. They can give aid for oral care as they have antimicrobial activities. The method of making mouthwash is that add some leaves or crushed leaves into the warm water and put on your affected area.

Wheatgrass for Toothache

Wheatgrass contains uncountable healing properties and can help your body even though you have infections inside the body. Another function of wheatgrass is that it prevents infections as well as can relieve inflammation. It has also contained chlorophyll content that can contest germs.

You can use it simply, make a juice of wheatgrass and use it as a mouthwash.

Most people have already work on their teeth in previous time but it hurts them.

They rise a question that either they have imaginations about it or not?

If people have a dental crown, a filling or other treatment is done on their tooth and this thing creates toothache, they may require to change the work. With the passage of the restorations may convert into damaged as well as bacteria may shift into your tooth.

Which type of tools is best for cleaning the tooth?

First of all, you should use the Best Toothpaste Designed for Sensitive Teeth. You should use a softest bristled brush, it will help preserve gum tissue and control shrinking. There are many electric toothbrushes are available in the market. You may use these brushes on the recommendation of dentists.

As a consequence, if you have pain in your teeth and you want a quick remedy, home remedies best for you such as salt water, cloves, cold compress, and cloves. From all these home remedies for toothache, you will feel comfortable and they give you some relief as well. You can also purchase some ointments and gel designed for this purpose. You should use the right tools for your teeth, brush regularly twice in a day and use mouthwash once in a day. However, the home remedies are the temporary treatment for you, if you have pain in your mouth for more than two days, you may consult with your dentist.



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