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How to get rid of Ovarian Cyst at Home (Naturally)

What is Ovarian Cysts? 

The reproductive system of females has ovaries. It is situated in the lower portion of the belly on the right and left the side of the uterus. Females have two ovaries that make eggs, besides, the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Most of the time, the full filled sac is known as cyst will improve on one of the ovaries. Just one cyst is made in females during their life.

There are several types of ovarian cysts in females such as endometrioma and dermoid. But, the most common cysts in the female is a functional cyst. Furthermore, functional cysts contain two types such as follicle and corpus luteum cyst.

Follicle Cyst

In the sac, an egg grows in the menstrual cycle of females. This sac is placed in the ovaries’ inner part. In many conditions, the follicle break open and an egg. If in any conditions the follicle does not break open, the liquid inside the follicle can make a cyst on the ovary.

Corpus Luteum Cyst

Follicle sacs generally liquefy after releasing an egg. If the follicle sac does not liquefy and follicle seal open, moreover the fluid can grow in the sac, the increasing of fluid causes of Corpus luteum Cyst.

There are different further types of ovarian cyst such as

Dermoid Cyst

Its growth like a sac on the ovarian that has tissue, fat, and hair.


Tissues develop in an internal portion of the uterus as well as can grow an external portion of the uterus and assign it to the ovaries, like a cyst.

Polycystic ovary syndrome condition is developed by many females that mean ovaries possess a large number of the cyst. In this way ovaries get large. I leave it without any treatment, polycystic ovaries can cause sterility.

Symptoms of an Ovarian Cyst

Most of the time, there are no symptoms for ovarian cysts. But if the cysts grow, symptoms can appear.

Symptoms of ovarian cyst includenatural remedies for ovarian cysts that actually work

    • Swelling or abdominal dilating
    • Unusual vaginal bleeding
    • Painful movements of bowel
    • Needing to urinate more often
    • Breast sensitivity
    • Pelvic pain before or in the menstrual cycle
    • Painful intercourse
    • Vomiting and Nausea
    • Pain in the thighs or lower back

There are other different severe symptoms of ovarian cysts that need instant medical aid contain;

    • Fever
    • Sharp pelvic pain
    • Fast breathing

These all symptoms specify a twisting of the cyst or ruptured cyst. If it is not treated at an early stage, both problems can have a serious result.

Females are not aware that they have a cyst if there is a difficulty that causes the cyst to develop or if more than one form. Approximately 8% of premenopausal females develop large cysts that need treatment.

After the menopause, the ovarian cysts are less common. Postmenopausal females with ovarian cysts are at complex danger for the cancer of the ovary.

Women frequently asked questions related to ovarian cysts such as

Are ovarian cysts have the same nature?

No, different cysts have different nature that occurs in women. Most of the cysts are functional such as follicular and corpus cyst before menopause. Instinctively, these resolve within a few weeks or months

Other cysts are pathological, such as serious and mucinous cystadenoma, endometrioma (chocolate cyst), dermoid cyst, etc.

Causes of Ovarian Cysts

The dominancy of estrogen is the main cause of the ovarian cyst. It’s mean your body contains extra estrogen, not enough progesterone to make stability. The estrogen in your body is not being properly managed and removed.

One more thing, you are taking less amount of estrogen from external of the body via nail paint, plastics, estrogen-filled shampoos, pesticides, cosmetics, household cleaner, and Femcare products. This thing creates extra estrogen conditions. If your body is not functioning more than your requirement, it won’t be capable to get rid of the extra estrogen as it requires to, rapidly and proficiently.

All the symptoms come from the imbalance of hormonal and the protocol of Flo living is made to avoid and reserve estrogen domination.

What are the Causes of Ovarian Cancer?

It is not clear why some females develop ovarian cancer while other females are not developed. However, with age, the risk of the disease increase. Here are other factors that can increase your risk of cancer contain;

    • A history of never carrying a pregnancy to term
    • Pregnancy after the age of 35
    • Use of androgens
    • Use of fertility drugs
    • A family history of ovarian cancer, breast cancer or colorectal cancer
    • A personal history of breast cancer
    • A known genetic mutation such as BRCA1 or BRCA2

Natural Home Treatments for Ovarian Cystsnatural remedies for ovarian cysts that actually work

Natural diet and remedies that work to prevent the ovarian cyst. Your natural diet leads to manage the ovarian cysts. Taking the natural food for the better stage of your hormonal cycle will keep your hormones in check and balance and avoid low progesterone or extra estrogen.

There are many foods are available and you can take or make part of your daily life to make this procedure even more helpful for decrease, handle and stopping ovarian cysts for a long time.

Here are some treatments for ovarian cyst include;

Cruciferous Vegetables and DIM (Di-Indolyl Methane)

Vegetables such as collards, Brussel sprouts, kale, and cabbage have DIM that is very beneficial at supporting the process for the body and remove extra estrogen.

You make the extra intake of these vegetables in daily routine and supplements with Dim itself in the form of solid such as pills.

Fermented Foods

Kimchi, pickles, and sauerkraut will support your deal of body as well as handle estrogen. A specific group of gut bacteria and extra certain genes of bacteria known as the astrobleme make an important enzyme that supports metabolize estrogen. The system of removing something from the body is part of the gut that is important to lead hormones away from the body. These foods are also important for gut health

Fiber Filled Foods

Fiber plays important in the digestive system and liver to remove and move extra estrogen from the body. Flax seeds and Pears are the foods that contain more fiber and remove the dominancy of estrogen. Flax seeds consist of lignan which stops the body from taking extra estrogen.

Take Beetroot

Beetroot consist of a multiple known as betacyanin that enhances the power of the liver to clear the toxins material from the body. In addition, the alkaline behavior of the beetroot support maintains the balance of acidity in your body. In this way, many symptoms of ovarian cyst reduce.

Freshly extracted the juice of one half cup beetroot blend with one spoon of Aloe vera gel and blackstrap molasses.

You take this drink just one time before taking breakfast. Implement this remedy until your symptoms have decreased.

Reduce Your Estrogen

The main reason for hormonal imbalance is excess estrogen which can cause disruption ovulation.

Avoid acquaintance to estrogens and xenoestrogens

    • Make a habit to use natural detergents
    • Avoid soy food
    • Eat only dairy and organic meats
    • Do not food microwave in plastic
    • Avoid drinking water in plastic flask or bottles
    • Avoid from Parabens and mineral oil in a skincare product

Diet for Ovarian Cysts

It matters a lot that what you eat mat effect in the development of cyst-like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is developed in some females. This type of condition causes problems such as amenorrhea or irregular menstrual and as a result multiple cysts on the ovaries.

Approximately 50 percent of women are overweight with the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). There may be a connection between insulin conflicts, which makes it more complicated to reduce the weight as well as PCOS. As a consequence, you may want far away from that type of foods that take part in insulin resistance.

You should take these in less amount because these include high carbohydrate and processed foods such as;

    • White bread
    • White potatoes
    • Anything made with white flours
    • Desserts, pastries, muffins, and other sugary foods

Instead, rely on that type of food, try to add foods in your diet that help you to control your weight and make a barrier against insulin resistance.

You may try to make of these foods in your daily routine or diet include:
    • Berries, almonds, broccoli, squash, and greens are high fiber foods.
    • Fish, chicken, and tofu contain lean proteins.
    • Tomatoes, kale, almonds, olive oil, and  turmeric contain anti-inflammatory foods  and spices

You consult with your doctor for help if you have any trouble related to your losing weight or managing and diet.

Therapy for Ovarian Cysts

Watchful Waiting

The watchful waiting term is recommended to some patients. This meant that you have not needed as soon as treatment. You may have to need some tests as well as some ultrasound in a month later to notice if the cyst was removed.

Doctors suggest some blood tests, scans, and ultrasounds every four months in a year, to those women who have some more risk of ovarian cancer.

If the reports show that the cyst has disappeared, there is no need for more treatment. If the reports show that the cyst id still appears, surgery may recommend by doctors.

Women asked questions related to testing what other tests are required in ovarian cyst?

Routine tests analyze your overall health status. Some more tests may be offered such as CA 125, HE 4, AFP, and HCG.

What if you are pregnant and your ultrasound shows that you have an ovarian cyst?

Well, in the initial pregnancy, the ultrasound scan found the cysts in the ovaries. Sometimes, cysts are disappeared after 14-15 weeks of pregnancy. If your cyst is very large or creating complications, you may be offered for ultrasound in the pregnancy and after your baby is born. Mostly in these conditions when you have a cyst that is creating pain, an operation would be recommended by doctors to eliminate the cyst in the pregnancy.


Sometimes surgery is compulsory that there is no solution other solution expect surgery. Cyst or large cyst that are cause some symptoms, so need to be removed cyst surgically.

Surgery is mostly recommended by doctors when they know that it could become cancerous or cancerous become.

Two types of surgery used for eliminating ovarian cysts

    • Laparoscopy
    • Laparotomy


Most of the cysts are removed by laparoscopy. It is a kind of keyhole surgery in which a small cut is made in your belly and gas is blown in your pelvic to permit the doctors to get access to your ovaries.

A laparoscope is small, the shape of a microscope looks like a tube with a light on the bottom. It is entered in your belly and doctors can see your internal part of the belly. The doctors remove the cyst by small cuts in your body. After that cyst has been eliminated from your body, the cut is filled with using dissolvable stitches.

According to this treatment, women do some questions such as they ask the doctors that an ovarian cyst occurs after the laparoscopy.

The answer to this question is that Hormonal factors are the causes of ovarian cysts. Their presence in the upcoming menstrual period is independent of any laparoscopy.


If you have a quite large cyst, as well as a doctor, thinks that it could be cancerous then laparotomy may be recommended by doctors.

In the laparotomy, a large cut is made in your belly. In this way, the surgeon can access fully towards cyst.

The ovary and complete cyst is removed by laparotomy and sent in the laboratory to test whether it’s harmful. Tommy cut is closed with stitches staples or stitches.

After the treatment, you may need to stay some days in the hospital under the observation of doctors.

After Surgery

Your cysts have been removed, you feel some pain during the recovery, although this should better in few days.

Doctors suggest you diet plan after your surgery that helps you for rapid recovery. You will take approximately around 6 to 8 months for your recovery after laparotomy.

The results of your test come after few days and your doctor discuss with you whether you need further treatment or not.

One thing that is more important for you that you contact your surgeon when you notice the following symptoms during the period of your recovery;

    • Swelling in your abdomen or severe pain
    • High fever
    • Heavy bleeding
    • Smelly and dark vaginal discharge

These things indicate infection during recovery.

Some women feel fear or do not want to face complications after their treatment that’s why they asked questions such as;

How can I manage treatment-related side effects?

After your ovaries have been removed, the treatment in which hormone replace may support you to gain estrogen level. Different other therapy may support you relieve side effects contain Nitritation support and change in your diet, pain management, and counseling.

The treatment of ovarian cysts will affect my ability to have a baby?

If your ovarian cysts do not demand to eliminate one or both ovaries, your treatment may harm your ovaries or need to be removed ovaries that produce eggs for reproduction.

If you want to carry a baby and protect this ability to get pregnant, discuss with a gynecologic oncologist for advice on the possibilities of fertility preservation such as ovarian cortex cryopreservation, which process is to store the tissues of ovary before cure.

Treatment of Cancer

If your testing reports show that your cyst is cancerous, your womb, both of ovaries, and other surround tissues may need to be removed.

What type of doctor should I concern if I have cyst cancerous?

Ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer are two slightly different things. Ovarian cysts are changed into ovarian cancer. If you see some symptoms regarding ovarian cancer, you should concern immediately with a gynecologic oncologist.

A gynecologic oncologist is well trained or well experienced in their field as well as treating cancer of the women’s reproductive system.

What is the most appropriate treatment for ovarian cancer?

The surgery is the priority for ovarian cancer to the removal of visible signs of cancer as well as tissues that may be affected by cancerous cell-like ovaries.

After the process of surgery, called debulking, your treatment consists of target therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy, which is made to use medicine to attack cancer cells while decreasing harm to normal cells.

Treating Conditions that cause Ovarian Cysts

Your treatment may differ from others if you have been diagnosed with some situation that causes ovarian cysts for example ovary polycystic syndrome PCOS and Endometriosis.

Endometriosis may cure with some hormonal medication, pain killer, and surgery to destroy areas of the tissue of Endometriosis.

Exercise for Ovarian Cysts 

As you know that exercise is a natural way to keep and maintain your overall health. Yoga exercise is best for the cure of ovarian cysts. It also helps to overcome the other problems related to the ovary.

Running and walk give strong relief to some women while gentle stretching and yoga give comfort to some women.

In women, exercise can help healthy body weight with PCOS. Exercise may decrease the pain through the consolidation of the muscles, without weight loss.  It may help to stop the growth of more cysts and support combat insulin conflict.

Yoga Exercise for Ovarian Cysts 

Here are some yoga exercise or poses to treat the ovarian cyst includes;

    • Butterfly Pose
    • Reclining Butterfly Pose
    • Cobra Pose
    • Bharadvajasana
    • Chakki Chalanasana

Yoga exercise support to handle the symptoms of PCOS with its moderation exercise. These all pose help control the system of endocrine glands, so supporting sterility issues, resolve weight, and psychological problems.

One important thing that should be in your mind, the home treatment cannot remove the cysts. It can give some relief when you feel severe pain.

A doctor will always recommend you to see some time and wait if your cyst is large or growing rapidly. The reason is that you can wait to see if the cyst removes without any treatment. In this case, the doctor will perform many ultrasounds in a few months to observe the position of a cyst and confirm that it disappears or keep staying on its position.

Home Treatments

Here are some home treatments include;

    • Over the counter medication
    • Stretching and exercise
    • Massage
    • Relaxation technique
    • Heat
    • TENS device
    • Change the diet plan
    • Weight loss

Different kind of Ways To Treat Ovarian Cysts

The medical cure may not be required if the cysts are causing some symptoms or growing rapidly.

Here are some treatment that I will recommend you include;

    • Hormonal birth control pills help to decrease the risk of developing more cyst and control hormones.
    • Metformin enhances the sensitivity of insulin with PCOS in females.
    • Eliminate the cyst by surgically, using small cut in the stomach.
    • If the cyst has harshly injured the structure, remove the ovary tube.

Some women do questions with their doctors that what is the difference between an ovarian cyst and ovarian cancer?

The answer is that a fluid-filled sac is known as a cyst that improves one or both ovaries. Just one cyst is made in females during their life. The ovarian cysts are not cancerous normally although the symptoms of cysts cancerous are similar to the ovarian cyst’s symptoms such as some pressure in the abdominal, severe pelvic pain and complications during emptying bladder.

During her reproductive year, the cysts grow with the female’s menstrual period. The females who are post-menopausal with ovarian cysts have a higher risk of cyst cancer.


To sum up all, before menopause, ovarian cysts are very common in females. Besides, before the menopause, the cancer of ovary is rare.  If you saw some symptoms related to an ovarian cyst, you must have to concern with doctors. If your cyst is in normal size, wait for some to disappear. Small cysts most of the time require no treatment.  There are many home remedies for the cyst in ovary that you can implement on yourself for taking some relief from severe pain because home remedies cannot disappear the cyst. There are many natural remedies for an ovarian cyst that works for removing your cysts. Besides, a healthy diet and exercise are essential for eliminating ovarian cysts.

Furthermore, if you feel some symptoms such as severe pain in your pelvis, heavy bleeding, and severe pain, you consult with your doctor immediately because the symptoms of ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer are similar. Some cysts may be cancerous, if your cyst may cancerous, both ovaries can be removed and surgery may recommend to you by doctors. If you have an operation, this thing will be keyhole surgery usually with the elimination of cyst only.


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