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Natural and Safe Home Remedies for Abortion

Globalization has provided more power to the individuals. Feminisms and neo-liberal movements have made it possible for women to ask for their rights. These progressive movements have created awareness among women. Gender inequality has become a myth in the modern world. The diverse global environment has generated gender equality. Men and women all around the world are performing their duties side by side.

The industrialization has demolished women’s suppression of the post-agricultural era. Men made pseudo-codes to suppress women in the agricultural age. Property rights were preferred reasons behind. Women were bound for household activities, and they had a very passive role in society. Male-dominated societies emerged all over the world. Authoritarianism and monarchy induced fuel to the fire.

Renaissance and French Revolution reintroduced the concept of individual freedom. Second Continental Congress of America laid the foundations of liberal thoughts in the world. All these incidents annulled the past practices of the world. The concept of individual freedom made its place in the constitutions. The early twentieth century was an initial step towards industrialization.

The workforce ran industries. World War 1 made the West induce women workforce in factories. Women became part of social activities and became more independent. They shared the financial burden with men. By the early 1950s, women were playing an active role in almost all the spheres. These progressive societies gave more rights to women.

Leading Reasons for Unwanted Pregnancy

Many reasons lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Pregnancy is a blessing for a woman, but an unwanted kid is a problem, as well. This disturbs a healthy family life.

Lack of use of Contraceptives

Various supplements in the market can help you avoid pregnancy. Contraceptive supplements and pills are available in medical stores. Lack of awareness and inadequate family planning make you avoid contraceptives.

Lack of Awareness

Old cultural norms and lack of interest in medical science are two fundamental reasons that can lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Safe sex practices are not standard in third world countries.

Unsafe Sex

Safe sex is a taboo in many societies. People don’t use condoms and contraceptive pills while having intercourse. These harmful practices make them exposed to an unwanted pregnancy.

Religious Constraints

Religious factions of the society do not believe in safe sex. They raise voices against abortion and abortion-related laws. Christianity does not provide a barrier to childbirth. Islam has allowed four marriages to a single person.

Lack of Entertainment

In third world countries, there are no sources of entertainment. People have only daily live shows, and that is having sex. Events and festivities keep you busy. When you are home, and you have nothing to do, then you will go for sex.

All these reasons are enhancing the global population. Unwanted kids make you compel to visit a doctor for an abortion. Unsafe sex and lack of awareness about sex are two leading causes of population growth as well as abortion.

What is Abortion?

It is a voluntary or non-voluntary act in which a pregnant lady chose to abandon her child before birth. Dismissal of a fetus before it can survive outside the womb is known as abortion. Women’s rights movements have ensured women’s rights. She is free to choose whether she wants a baby or not.

Before industrialization, women were considered as childbearing machines. The modern world has nullified the past practices of women suppression. Nowadays, women are free to choose, either they want a baby or not. The western world has devised many laws to ensure women’s freedom. Abortion acts ensure the safety of a mother in the modern world.

It is the most controversial idea of today. Progressive societies are supporting abortion laws. Religious organizations are more skeptical about these scientific practices. They consider it a murder. Abortion has become a subject of morality and ethics. Law has a particular corner for this content.

Symptoms for an AbortionSymptoms of Abortion

A pregnant lady should call a doctor in these circumstances. All these are symptoms of an immediate abortion.

    • Severe Pain in Back
    • Painful Contraction of Muscles
    • Clotting in Vagina
    • Foliage Spotting and Blotching
    • Continuous Bleeding from the Cervix

What are the Demographics?

America legalized abortion in 1973. 1.5 million Women choose to be aborted yearly. More than 39 million abortions have taken place since 1973. More than 50 million abortions take place worldwide. 40-45 percent of these abortions are done unsafely. Unsafe abortion is a leading cause of maternal deaths.  One-third of births are unintentional. The use of contraceptives has reduced the number of abortions per year.

Before marriage, pregnancy is considered a social menace in third world countries. Pre-marital sex and pregnancy is a leading cause of honor killing. A baby girl is regarded as a weakness in many societies, and partner incest forces women for abortions. 19% of adolescents chose abortion in America every year.

These demographic facts tell you that abortion is a common practice nowadays.

Types of Abortion

How many Types of Abortion are there?

There are two types of abortion. Some abortions are necessary for women’s health and to avoid abnormal kids. These voluntary abortions are called induced abortions. Women chose abortions voluntarily because they have a mental illness. Miscarriage is another situation that a pregnant lady can face.

It is necessary information for pregnant women. It will help them to understand the complication related to abortion.  These complications are fatal in severe cases.

What is an Induced Abortion?

It is a voluntary decision of pregnant women to end a pregnancy. The first 13 weeks are ideal for abortion. Induced abortion is a common practice in women. Women living in open relationships avoid pregnancy in many societies. Unintentional pregnancy is common in married couples.

What are the reasons for Induced Abortion?

These are various reasons for abortions. These can be financial and domestic.

Financial Constraints

Financial instability is a reason that compels many women for abortions. A single mother and broken families face this issue. Lack of financial stability is a leading cause of abortion.

Family Size

Family size is another problem that leads to abortion. Many families want a single kid. There is a situation where women can give birth to more than one child at a time. Family size is a concern in many western countries. People are less concerned about family size in the third world. The combined family system is the leading cause of numerous kids.

Medical Disorders

Mental illness in women is a leading cause of abortions. Some women, after giving birth to a child, become neurological patients. The health of women is a significant concern in pregnancy because it can be fatal. Women suffering from hypertension can die during delivery. Health-related issues are common in pregnant women.

Abortion is advised to ailing women by the doctors. This is a fatal stigma, and it can kill both the mother and the fetus.


Many families chose abortions because they are going to have an abnormal fetus. In some cases, the baby dies in the womb, and families go to the gynecologist for abortion. Death of a baby inside the uterus can be fatal in many cases. Handicap kid is considered a menace in many societies.

Early Pregnancy

Rape and partner incest are leading reasons for abortion in many countries. America has a constitutional provision to legalize this type of abortions. Early pregnancy is a concern among women of all age groups. Pregnancy is a blessing for families, but in some cases, women’s families find it disruptive.

Unintentional Pregnancy

Unintentional pregnancy is another leading cause of abortions. Families avoid this situation with the help of a gynecologist.  Unwanted embryological growth in your body can depress you.

Spontaneous Abortion

What is Spontaneous Abortion?

It is an unintentional situation where abortion becomes Hobson’s choice. A miscarriage where a pregnant lady suffers an ailment there, she chose the expulsion of the fetus. Neither of the parents is willing to abortion.


There can always be many reasons for involuntary abortions. It is a sad situation that can develop due to carelessness. An ailment or dysfunction can be the reason for spontaneous abortion.

Medical Situation

Women with poor health chose this option. Serious ailments are reasons for abortion in many ladies. Cardiovascular disease can lead to miscarriage.

Abnormal Fetus

Some babies are more likely to be born with an abnormality. An abnormal baby is difficult to grow up. Families avoid abnormal offsprings. Many parents choose abortions to prevent future complications.


Stillbirth is a leading cause of spontaneous abortion. The fetus inside the womb dies. The mother may die.

Side Effects:

    • Severe pain
    • High temperature
    • Abrupt blood pressure
    • Foul smell from the cervix

Do Women Volunteer an Abortion?

A woman is not a volunteer in every abortion. In many cases, the second partner is indulged in this decision. Males force their partners for abortion either forcefully or with mutual consent. Students avoid childbirth. Adolescents are using this tool to prevent pregnancy. 19% of adolescents chose abortion in America only.  It is a common thought that women decide every abortion.

Families decide about one more kid. Women in many societies do not make all decisions.

What are the Safe Methods of Abortion?What are the Safe Methods of Abortion

There are three medical techniques for carrying out an abortion. Experts practice all these methods. Medical science has provided us with many solutions to pregnancy-related issues.

Medical Treatment For Abortion:

What are the therapeutic means of abortion?

Women living in countries have no abortion laws. They chose this option for abortion. Some women living far away from a clinic may select this option. This is a secret and legal method of abortion. You take a pill and get rid of the pregnancy. Excess use of misoprostol can help you to stop the fetus development. A single tablet that contains mifepristone will stop fetus growth. These salts block the baby’s progesterone.

Medical Treatment For Abortion

Lack of this hormone will detach the fetus from the uterine wall. A second tablet helps in the expulsion of the fetus. These prostaglandins are either prescribed by a gynecologist, or one may choose as self-medication. These tablets should be used with the consent of your physician.

    • Uncontrolled bleeding
    • Infections
    • Incomplete abortion
    • Pregnancy signs
    • Foul smell from vagina
    • Depression
    • Fever over 38.2 C
    • Severe body pain

Surgical Treatment For Abortion:

What are the Surgical Means of Abortion?

Surgery is an abortion technique that requires a surgeon. Practices can be fatal. Suction aspiration is a technique

Surgical Treatment for Abortionused in surgical abortions. It removes then uterine content through the cervix. This suction is applied through a cannula. It is a safe procedure for abortion. The fatality rate is lower than 0.000001%. This is a secure method in first-trimester pregnancy.

Menstrual extraction is another form of abortion. This is done through sharp types of equipment in early pregnancy. Mini- suction is a standard practice in case of a fatality. Abnormal bleeding is a leading cause of this abortion practice.

Side Effects:

    • Perforation of Uterus
    • Blood Clots
    • Faint
    • Sweating

What is Labour Induction?

This is a process in which first labor is induced.  Fetal is demised in the next stage. This can traumatic in many cases. The fetus is killed by the doctor first than it is removed from the womb.

Possible Side Effects:

    • Dizziness
    • High fever
    • Rupture of uterus
    • Depression in case of live born
    • Infections and complications
    • Fatality

Does Acupuncture Help in Abortion?

Stimulation of SP6 and LP14 can help abortion. This stimulation can cause miscarriage.

Acupuncture can help in abortion. This is a natural way of abortion.

Side Effects:

    • Bleeding from Cervix
    • Back Pain
    • Remains of the Fetus Inside
    • Foul Smell
    • Infections

What is the Best Time for Abortion?

The most suitable time for an abortion is between the 2nd and 14th weeks. Abortion can be done later, but it will lead to complications. Early abortions are better for health. Abortion after the 37th week can lead to many complications.

Home Remedies to Aid Abortion

What are natural solutions for abortions?

All the information mentioned above was to develop an understanding of abortion. We have told you about the medical and surgical means of abortion. There are many useful methods and foods that you can use for abortion.

Aspirin for Abortion

It is used as a pain killer. Excess of these tablets can help you in abortion. Take four to six pills three times. Take these medicines with every meal. These tablets will begin your menstrual cycle. Avoid these tablets if you want a baby.

Hot Water for Abortion

Hot water can help you with abortion. Pouring hot water on your belly can help you in abortion. Hot water aggravates the vaginal membrane. This will instigate fetus removal

Intercourse After Pregnancy

Continuous matting is a leading cause of abortion. This is a home remedy to avoid pregnancy in the first two months of pregnancy. Semen is rich in prostaglandins, and they can induce menopause.

Work Out for Abortion

Excessive work out and exercises are prohibited in pregnancy. Gynecologists will advise you not to indulge in physical activities. Climbing a stair is the most useful exercise in this regard.

Massage for Abortion

It is a traditional practice in many native tribes. Belly massage with essential oils nourishes the muscles. Downward massage can cause abortion. Trained personnel can give you a strong message.

Food Supplements For Abortion

What are the foods prescribed for abortions?

There are many herbal solutions for abortion. We will tell you about some foods that will aid you in abortion. Let us discuss these foods.

Benne and Honey for Abortion

Benne is named as sesame. These seeds are mixed into honey to elevate pregnancy. This seed is available in markets. This is a native plant of Africa and India. This seed is a good source of energy and heats the body. This creates uneasiness for the fetus. This results in miscarriage.


Soak these seeds overnight and drink the water. Fried seeds are mixed with honey to avoid pregnancy. Continue this process for a month to prevent pregnancy.

Pineapple for Abortion

This fruit is rich in fibers and enzymes. This is a very safe food for abortion. Minimal side effects are reported. Pineapple has good laxative and protective properties. Vitamin C in pineapple helps you avoid puberty.


Peel off a pineapple and grind it with water. Drink this juice regularly.  Two to three bowls of pineapple is also an excellent remedy for abortion. Pineapple is a rich source of bromelain. Bromelain softens the wall of the uterus. Chamomile, along with pineapple, aids you a lot.

Parsley for Abortion

This helps in early-stage abortions. These green leafy herbs are very helpful in abortion. Parsley regulates the menstrual cycle. Excessive use of parsley loosens the cervix, and it will lead to miscarriage. Parsley has excellent soothing properties. Juice of parsley leaf’s help you in abortion.


Parsley tea and juice help you aid the abortion process. Parsley leaves placed in the vagina can provide better results. If you have irregular menstruation, you should use aspirin. Both aspirin and parsley can help you in regular menopause.

Black Cohosh for Abortion

The plant aids in the abortion process. It makes one prepare for abortion, and it does not actively participate in the abortion process. Its usage can be fatal without proper supervision.

Angelica Roots for Abortion

The root instigates the menstrual process and aids in the contraction of muscles. 5 to 15 falls can provide excellent results.

Acacia Pods for Abortion

A mixture of banana and acacia pods can help you in abortion. This is a historical solution for birth control. The mixture may have odd taste.


Mix these two ingredients and squash them. Leave this mixture in the sun for a day. Turn this mixture into powder form and mix some sugar into it. Consume this mixture several times a day. This will initiate bleeding from the cervix.

Pennyroyal Drops/American Pennyroyal

This is a medically tested herb for abortion. The herb is used in the production of contraceptives and medical drops. American pennyroyal is available in the market. Purchase some capsules and consume them regularly. Pennyroyal oil can aid you in abortion. This will help you with abortion at home.

Vitamin C for Abortion

Vitamin C is a natural contraceptive. High measurement of ascorbic acid in your body will make you able to avoid pregnancy. Higher levels will reduce progesterone. Progesterone helps in the implantation of eggs.

Excess of Vitamin C can lead to kidney stones. This is a lean solution, and you should go for better food supplements.

Vitamin C is also very helpful to get rid of Frizzy Hair.

Dong Quai for Abortion

This Chinese herb is the best home remedy for abortion. The powdered form of Dong Quai is available in the market. Add it into the water and consume it. Dong Quai is the traditional solution for pregnancy.

Papaya for Abortion

Papaya is a rich source of fiber and enzymes. This ancient remedy is used in Anglo-Indian tribes. Prophylactic properties of papaya make it abortion friendly. Excess consumption of papaya can lead to birth-related complications. Papaya is a rich source of iron and laxative fibers.

Chamomile Tea for Abortion

Doctors recommend it to pregnant women. Abnormal consumption of chamomile tea can lead to abortion. Chamomile tea provides better results when it is strained for five minutes.

Black Cumin for Abortion

These seeds have anti-fertility properties. Consumption of a heavy dose of black cumin will help you avoid pregnancy.

Wolfberries for Abortion

Goji berries are a rich source of betaine. It regulates menstruation. Regular menopause will make you able to avoid pregnancy.

Caffeine for Abortion

High doses of caffeine can lead to miscarriage. They have weak abortive properties. Excessive use of caffeine can lead to infertility.


Excess of laxatives can lead to abortion symptoms. Their use makes your body weak and immature fetus dies inside the womb. Lactulose is the best laxative supplement available in syrup form.

Is Abortion a Right Decision?

Abortion is a medical facility to avoid childbirth. It can be useful in some situations. Abortion is a wise decision if you want to avoid unintentional pregnancies.

    • If you have more than two kids, you can avail of this option.
    • Forced intercourse and nasty relationships are painful. One should avoid a child in these circumstances.
    • If you are a target-oriented person and do not want a baby, you can go for an abortion.
    • If you have chronic health issues, you should avoid pregnancy.


Complexities of Abortion

What is a complication in the Abortive Process?

Abortion is not a natural process. It can lead to many ailments. Abortion can be fatal if it is not done in supervision. Unwanted pregnancy can lead to stress. You can avoid complications by having a treatment earlier. One may face all these problems if abortion is not done properly.

    1. High fever is a very common symptom of an unsuccessful abortion.
    2. Women going through abortion can face body pains.
    3. Abnormal abortion can lead to excessive bleeding.
    4. Foul smell from the vagina is another leading dysfunction of abortion.
    5. Many women face perforation of the uterus. In some cases, the uterus ruptures with excessive bleeding.
    6. The development of scars in the uterus is another complex scenario with abortions.
    7. Careless abortions can damage the cervix.

To avoid these complications, you should visit an expert gynecologist. Expert advice is the best in such scenarios. A doctor can advise you with the best abortive procedures. People suffering from serious ailments are more prone to these disorders. We recommend you avoid pregnancy if you are suffering from as serious dysfunction. Health is the most precious gift of Mother Nature. A curious person is more likely to be able to survive longer.


Abortion is the safest method to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling for women, but it can be unpleasant if it was not desired. Strained relationships and unsuccessful marriages can lead to such a situation that you chose abortion. Many people hesitate to visit a doctor after an unwanted pregnancy.  We have recommended you all traditional and modern techniques for abortions. Natural supplements are used to avoid complications. Abortion is a painful process for healthy women. Abortion can lead a leady towards neurological disorders.

Contraceptives are the best means to avoid pregnancy. Early precautionary measures can protect you from many regrets. The use of condoms and contraceptive pills can help you a lot. Safe sex practices are standard all over the world. Many people avoid the birth of a fetus in the womb because it is a self-generated depressive tool. Consume healthy food and use natural means to prevent abortion. Safe sex practices and dietary habits can help you avoid pregnancy.


Cultural barriers make one prone to unsafe sex practices. Middle Eastern countries have a trend of more than two kids. The population of the globe is increasing day by day. Sex education is banned in many Muslim countries. Lack of use of contraceptives in many regions is a common reason for abortions. People are interested in many kids. All these circumstances are increasing the number of abortions. States related to abortions are relatively lower than in actual cases. Early marriages are common in Asian countries, and it is a leading cause of maternal fatality. Many women have less access to an excellent physician. All these factors accumulatively sore the number of abortions. Males are less curious about the health of their wives.

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